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    This is a crowd-sourced database searchable by 1) name, 2) school, 3) faculty position, 4) areas of specialization, 5) primary research interests, and 6) geographical location. It currently contains over 1000 names of women philosophers working on faculties of higher education across the world. As it stands, the listing is far from comprehensive, and those who created the database are relying on the goodwill of members of the profession to keep the database up-to-date and as comprehensive as possible. 

    If you are a woman with a Ph.D. in philosophy who (i) has a job researching or teaching philosophy, or (ii) had a job in philosophy and consider yourself active in philosophy, or (iii) has published an article in a philosophy journal or a book in a philosophy list, please check if you have an entry in the database and send any additions or corrections under the "Submit" tab. Please use that tab to add yourself if you are not currently listed. We invite anyone to submit a name, including names of women in philosophy outside of the U.S.

    The database should be an invaluable resource for conference organizers, editors, hiring committees, and anyone interested in learning more about the work of women in the profession. 


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